Back To Health Fitness... Physician driven personal training


By far the most powerful type of training you can get! Your training program will be designed and implemented by our trainers, based on your personal goals. If you want to get results, train one-on-one. Our experienced Personal Trainers will help you find the motivation to exercise and make fitness a part of your life. Each session is 50-60 minutes long. Sessions must be used a minimum of 2 times per week.


Share your session with a friend or family member and save! You can request that we find you a suitable training buddy that has similar training goals. You will be training 50-60 minutes per session a minimum of 2 times per week.


Group training will either focus on weight loss, core and lower back training, or strength and fitness training. Group participants will have 3 other training partners with them. These sessions will only be offered at specified times set by your trainer and will last from 50-75 minutes.


The Fitness Class Programs we offer will vary throughout the year. All fitness classes will be 45-60 minutes long. There will be a limit to the number of class attendees, so we suggest that you reserve your spot in advance.


We can guide you through programs to rehabilitate your bad shoulder, back or knee. Why stay on the sidelines while your friends work out? If you need additional rehabilitation following a recent injury, come on in!


Help your child get better prepared for their favorite sport by putting them into a sport-specific training program. Each program will be designed to improve your child athlete’s strength, speed, agility and core stability. An athlete’s success is directly related to their athletic ability. Help your child be successful. Agility and speed can be improved for your child’s success in Lacrosse, Hockey, Football, Baseball and Soccer. Train like the pro’s.

Our Goal At Back To Health Fitness

Our goalĀ is to improve the health and fitness of our clients. With the expertise and motivation of our trainers, we can make your goals attainable in a safe and effective environment. Through education we hope to expand your knowledge of exercise and the importance of overall wellness. By helping you set and achieve realistic goals with our individualized personal training sessions, we will show you that you can be stronger, fitter and healthier.

We are not a gym and do not have memberships. All of our clients are guided through designed personal training programs in a one-on-one or multiple client setting. This individualized attention to a client’s exercise program ensures that each training session will progressively move the client closer to achieving their intended exercise goals.

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